How to Get RCI License After Masters in Psychology?

How to get RCI License after Masters's in Psychology?

How to get RCI License after Masters's in Psychology?

Each major in Psychology allows you to work in a distinct field and one can choose whichever resonates with their self the most. A graduate-level degree in psychology is only a foundation-level course and may not entail a lot of job opportunities. In this article, we will have a look at Psychology as a subject, the importance of a license for a Psychology Aspirant, and How to get the RCI License in order to become an RCI Recognized Clinical Psychologist. 

As evident from the subject itself, every individual is unique and whether it is worth pursuing a degree in psychology or not is entirely dependent on why you choose to pursue it. Before selecting any degree for that matter, a considerable amount of research is necessary. Psychology is a very emerging career option and the demand for Psychologists is increasing rapidly in India. The career options in Psychology are very vast and it requires the utmost focus of an Individual.

Passion for Psychology is one factor that will surely make the degree rewarding. Another side of the same coin is what you intend to do with your degree in psychology. Psychology is a behavioral science and its findings aren’t restricted to one particular area.

RCI and RCI License

Rehabilitation Council of India is a Government Body that regulates the licensing Procedure in the field of Rehabilitation and Special Education which includes an M.Phil in Clinical Psychology. RCI updates their list regularly in which they mention all the Institutions that have RCI Licences. They provide the license on the basis of the performance and quality of institutions and keep a check on the same.

RCI regulate and monitor services given to persons with disability, standardizes syllabi, and maintains a Central Rehabilitation Register of all qualified professionals and personnel working in the field of Rehabilitation and Special Education. RCI provides CRR number (License) on successful completion of M. Phil Clinical Psychology course which allows individuals to practice as a Clinical Psychologist.

Why Do We Need An RCI License?

In response to the aforementioned query, the aspirants should hold an RCI license in order to practice as a Clinical psychologist or operate a mental health clinic in India. Additionally, only psychologists who hold an RCI license are qualified to issue certificates of mental illness or submit claims for PH certificates. Additionally, in a court of law, the only person who can be considered an authority to comment on any subject or to determine whether a person is mentally fit or not is an RCI Licenced Psychologist.

How To Get The License?

There are many options available after your Masters’s in Psychology to obtain the RCI License. An individual can not directly apply for the RCI License as it is a must to complete the RCI Recognized courses from RCI recognized institutions to get the RCI License. There are various courses for various disciplines in Psychology. We have mentioned the list of the courses below:

M.Phil in Clinical Psychology

M.Phil in Clinical Psychology is a 2-year regular post-graduation program. The course includes 4 semesters. Any student with a Master’s degree in Psychology is eligible to pursue the same. It is the most popular RCI-recognized course to get the RCI License.

Click here for the RCI Approved Institute for M.Phil Clinical Psychology

PsyD in Clinical Psychology

Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) in Clinical Psychology is a 4 Year Regular based course available in very few institutions in India that focuses to provide the student with clinical and applied aspect knowledge of Psychology. The students apply for this course to complete their Doctorate and get the RCI License as well to practice as Clinical Psychologists in India.

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Professional Diploma in Clinical Psychology

PDCP is a 1 -Year diploma program that can be defined as a shorter version of M. Phil Clinical Psychology. After completing the course, the students will get the license of Clinical Psychologist (Associate).

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Advanced Diploma in Child Guidance and Counselling (ADCGC)

ADCGC is a 1-Year diploma course that was created to fill the need for qualified professionals available to provide counseling and guidance to children and families in a variety of situations. The course was created with a Developmental, Ecological, and Rights Perspective in mind so that the student can work effectively as a mental health professional with a current understanding of theoretical structures and the necessary skills.

Click here for the List of RCI-approved institutions for Advance Diploma in Child Guidance and Counselling

The courses included in the above list are different from the Rehabilitation Psychology, hence we have not mentioned the Rehabilitation Psychology courses.

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