BA Psychology & MA Psychology Coaching

By now you must have got a fair idea of the various fields of psychology. Frankly, nowadays, no area has been left untouched by psychology. Whether it is related to society or the armed forces or educational setting, the need of a psychologist is being felt by all. It is becoming a very popular subject rapidly.

There are two central university (1.Delhi University & 2.Jamia Milia Islamia University) offer Degree course at BA & MA Level and One State University also available (Ambedkar University)

With a Bachelor or Master degree in psychology, one can find various jobs such as :
    Clinical Psychologist
    Counsellor Psychologist
    Child Psychologist
    Industrial Psychologist
    Rehabilitation Psychologist
    Teacher in School
    Lecturer/ professor in College / University

All the jobs stated here demand at least a graduate degree with specialization in a particualr field of psychology.

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