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General Psychology is the study of basic principles, problems, and methods of Psychology. It includes various topics like behavior, human growth and development, and many more. This study is based on different historical, theoretical, philosophical, and practical perspectives.

This Article includes various Books that you may read to get a good grasp on the topics of General Psychology. You may refer to any of the books mentioned below according to your choice of reading preferences. Although there are various books and guides available in the market, we have selected 5 books that according to us can help you to gain knowledge and progress in the field of Psychology. The list is as follows.

1.   Psychology (Indian Subcontinent Edition)

This is one of the most recommended books to cover the topics under general psychology. The conversational style of the written content provides a unique opportunity for the readers to feel that they are interacting with the author while learning the concepts related to the human brain and behavior. The book is beneficial as it is centered on the learners and driven by assessments.

Author: Robert A. Baron and Girishwar Misra

Edition: Fifth Edition

Year of Publication: 2000

Publisher: Pearson Education India

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2.   Psychology

Psychology by Ciccarelli helps to engage the students in the basics of psychology and covers the topics related to general psychology as per the guidelines provided by APA. Emphasis on Indian research in the field of psychology provides an opportunity for the students to learn about home-grown scientific discoveries and psychology in the Indian cultural context without altering the immense western contribution to the field.

Author: Saundra K. Ciccarelli, J. Noland White, Girishwar Misra

Edition: Fifth Edition

Year of Publication: 2022

Publisher: Pearson Education

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3.   Introduction to Psychology

This book is recommended for all psychology aspirants as they work towards covering the fundamentals of psychology concepts. It could be easily read and the authors ensured that they provide different perspectives with regard to different schools of modern psychology for each topic covered under different chapters. The layout is engaging and the content is well presented.

Author: Susan Nolen-Hoeksema, Barbara L. Fredrickson, Geoffrey R. Loftus, Christel Lutz

Edition: Sixteenth Edition

Year of Publication: 2015

Publisher: Cengage India Pvt Ltd

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4.   Introduction to Psychology

This book is described to be one of the very informative and best introductory books on the subject of general psychology. The chapters consist of interesting case studies under different topics as the author focused on delivering the content as well as their applications. It inquires about the various conditions as seen in medical history to provide a connection between the theory and reality.

Author: Clifford T. Morgan, Richard A. King, John R. Weisz, John Schopler

Edition: Seventh Edition

Year of Publication: 2017

Publisher: McGraw Hill Education Pvt Ltd

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5.  Psychology: The Science of Mind and Behaviour

This book is known to provide the essential foundation that psychology aspirants are in dire need of. It gives quick access to the various psychological theories and provides interactional discussions, updates on scientific research studies, and summaries of the concepts discussed in the chapter. The book is extensive and provides detailed insights into the concepts of general psychology.

Author: Michael W. Passer, Ronald E. Smith

Edition: Seventh Edition

Year of Publication: 2007

Publisher: McGraw Hill Higher Education

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A Student may Also refer to the various Journals and Magazines to Increase their interest in the Subject. We suggest you read Psychologs Magazine. It is India’s, Fist first printed psychology-focused magazine. Both their website and Magazine offer trustworthy data that one may study.Click here to Buy Now

The Category distribution of the website makes it easy to access the Article/Information of your Interest. The website offers a reliable resource for knowledgeable counsel from a recognized Mental health expert. This magazine and website are very useful resources for students who want to stay updated in the field of Psychology. 

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