Previous year papers for MA Psychology Entrance

MA/M.Sc in Psychology now becomes one of the popular choices of students across the nation. The word psychologist is attracting many students to pursue their post-graduation in Psychology. Master’s in Psychology is an important stage for those, who want to become a professional in the field of mental health and mental well-being.

So, now we will discuss the admission procedure of the master’s in Psychology. Students can get admission in this course either on a merit basis or by cracking the entrance exams for the same. Most of the Universities or Institutions take admission in MA/M.Sc Psychology course through separate entrance tests.

Therefore, it is important to crack the entrance test in order to take admission in MA Psychology or M.Sc Psychology. Competition is tough because the number of seats is very less and aspirants are very high in numbers, but one can easily crack this entrance with the right preparation strategy.

Practice with previous year papers is key to success in these entrance exams. It gives you the idea of paper pattern and it helps you to understand the standard of questions. Hence, previous year papers are very important for your preparation.

Previous year papers are not easily available for MA Psychology or M.Sc Psychology entrances. But we at UPS Education, provide you all possible help and guidance to crack your various psychology entrance exams. So, previous year papers of MA Psychology Entrances are also available on our e-learning portal.

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Some of the previous year questions asked in DU North Campus

1. The sequence of stages of oral reasoning identified by Kohlberg are:

a. Preconventional, conventional, postconventional

b. Preconceptual, conceptual, postconceptual

c. Preoperational, operational, postoperational

d. Preconformist, confirmst, postconfirmist

Answer 1

2. The existence of seventh primary emotion suggested by some theorists is

a. Outrage

b. Gratitude

c. Contempt

d. Frustration

Answer 3

3. Thematic Apperception Test is based upon the defense mechanism of

a. Projection

b. Sublimation

c. Reaction

d. Repression

Answer 1

4. A fixed interval schedule is one that is based on a

a. Varying number of responses

b. Varying period of time

c. Set number of responses

d. Set period of time

Answer 4

5. The lobe mostly concerned in keeping us physically oriented in our environment is

a. Frontal

b. Parietal

c. Dorsal

d. Temporal

Answer 2

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