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Ranchi Institute of Neuro-Psychiatry & Allied Sciences, often abbreviated as RINPAS is a medical institution in Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand. The institution is the most famous after the Central Institute of Psychiatry in Jharkhand. RINPAS serves many undergraduate (UG) and postgraduate (PG) programs, Ph.D. programs, M.Phil. Clinical Psychology and others. The institute is an RCI-recognized institution that means after completing M.Phil. Clinical Psychology from this institution, the students can work as registered clinical psychologists in India.

M.Phil Clinical Psychology is one of the most popular programs among psychology enthusiasts across India, especially for those students who belong to Jharkhand. Approximately 400 students appear every year for M.Phil. Clinical Psychology Entrance Exam at RINPAS.

There are 12 intake at RINPAS for MPhil Clinical Psychology Program. The criteria of reservation for M.Phil Clinical Psychology at RINPAS are as follows:

Out of those 12 seats, 6 seats are for General Category candidates. 3 Seats are for ST candidates. 1 seat is available for SC Category candidates and the remaining 2 seats are for candidates who belong to OBC category.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for M.Phil. clinical psychology program at RINPAS, candidates must have completed their Master in Psychology with not less than 55% marks as per RCI guidelines. RINPAS also provides a stipend of ₹8,000/- to their students of M.Phil. Clinical Psychology Program.

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Exam Pattern

The number of questions presented in M.Phil. Clinical Psychology Entrance Exam is 100. The question will be Multiple -Choice Questions in this entrance exam. The questions are presented on OMR sheet. The syllabus of this entrance test is based on the prescribed syllabus at the PG level of the university at the national level.

For each correct answer, student gets 2 marks. However, there is a negative marking of ½ mark (1 Mark) for wrong answer each.

The forms for M.Phil. Clinical Psychology Entrance Exam tentatively came in January or February month. The exam starts in Jan-Feb month for the same.

Here we have mentioned some questions of M.Phil. Clinical Psychology presented at RINPAS, Ranchi.

Questions of M.Phil. Clinical Psychology presented at RINPAS, Ranchi

  1. One who founded the school of Analytical Psychology and developed the concept of collective unconscious and personality types introvert and extrovert
  • Carl Gustove Jung
  • Enck Enickson
  • Alfred Adler
  • Melanie Klein

2. One who was awarded the Nobel prize for psychosurgery and who was shot and wounded by ex-patient?

  • Egas Monis
  • Manfred Sakel
  • UGO Cerletti
  • Von Meduna

3. The Neurotic defense mechanism by which a person who cheats on his own Income tax return but also criticizes the government for corruption is called

  • Displacement
  • Dissociation
  • Compartmentalization
  • Projection

4. As per the temperament and character inventory an individual who scores high on novelty seeking but low on both harm avoidance and reward dependence is likely to have

  • Histrionic Personality
  • Obsessional Personality
  • Anti-Social Personality
  • Passive Aggressive Personality

5. In a case of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, once the diagnosis is made, the following is true regarding management

  • Prolonged Psychotherapy
  • Cognitive processing therapy is useful
  • Clonazepam is very useful
  • Thought stopping is useful

6. As per the NIMH classification of intelligence quotient, a person with an IQ of 48 would fall in the category of

  • Borderline IQ
  • Moderate IQ
  • Severe IQ
  • Mild IQ

7. On the basis of Jean Piaget’s theory of personality development, the stage in which a child can do simple arithmetic but not algebraic manipulation is called

  • Formal Operations
  • Concrete Operations
  • Intuitive Pre-Operational Phase
  • Role-Conformity phase

8. Which of the following names is not associated with Existential Therapy?

  • Rollo May
  • Sandoe Ferenczi
  • Carl Jaspers
  • Robert Laing

9. Sometimes we are able to read the article and understand its content despite the fact that there are many misprints. This is called

  • Learned illusion
  • Similarity perception
  • Completion illusion
  • Pareidolia

10. Awareness of one’s own thought processes enabling effective learning through correction is called

  • Algorithm
  • Analogies
  • Meta Cognition
  • Constructive Process
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